What is Young Achievers Programme?

YAP is a dynamic interactive course that is designed specifically to assist children aged 10-14 years old to understand their unique talents and innate intelligence by participating in a real-life project. Children will be involved in coming up with a brand-new milkshake flavour for COSTA COFFEE. This will include drafting out research, finance, and strategic marketing.The cherry on top is that the final presentation will be viewed by the parents and the Costa coffee manager. Each participant will receive a certificate on successful completion of the programme.

We all know that children are naturally intuitive and perceptive. Since the young age, we start moulding them to comply with the education system and in doing so we restrict their natural pattern of mental growth which includes having wisdom beyond their years, sensing the connectedness of all things, or knowing things in ways that may seem impossible.

Unarguably, Academic growth is essential for career development but a 360° holistic approach requires a parallel focus on self-development. In an age where bullying, social media and cultural adaptability has put undue pressure on young minds, it’s pivotal that they should learn the key life skills of higher self-belief, deeper awareness and effective interpersonal skills to foster a positive outlook towards self and others. Once, they understand themselves better, it will directly result in a more fulfilled academic growth and also they will emerge as responsible global citizens.

Through this course, our aim is to acquaint children with important life skill by making them participate in real life projects resulting in a deeper understanding of themselves and the external factors affecting their behaviour. During this six weeks course, the focus is to develop an understanding of the importance of following factors to bring the best out of children. They will get to know the importance of:

  1. The power of the brain and innate intelligence to accentuate their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.
  2. Problem-solving skills for real-life challenges.
  3. Setting small goals for accomplishing big dreams.
  4. Analytical skills in order to think out of box
  5. Debating skills to share their own perspective and understand others respectfully.
  6. Presentation skills to confidently share ideas and thoughts with enthusiasm,

What is the objective of this course?

Through this programme, we aim to guide children to tap into their inner unique self, the abundant innate intelligence and talent in a constructive manner of self-expression. 

Our focus is to strengthen their ability to think for themselves, giving them a chance to explore their own thinking processes and problem-solving abilities. Once a child becomes confident in their own critical thinking skills, they will be better prepared to achieve their goals.

Children, especially when they are young, are often overwhelmed by the complexity of tasks, and as a result, become discouraged. Through this course, we teach them to break jobs down into smaller manageable tasks, so that they continually experience success as they work their way towards the completion of the overall goal.


This course will assist children to develop:

  • Stronger leadership skills
  • Higher confidence and self-esteem
  • Stronger self-belief
  • Inherent drive for deeper exploration
  • Entrepreneurial skill 
  • Deeper empathy and stronger interpersonal skills
  • Deeper insight about self-strength and weakness
  • Positive outlook towards life

How will the course be delivered?

The course will be delivered by introducing a real-life project to engage young minds and unleash their hidden talent. Children will participate in various interactive activities that will assist them to understand their own unique talents and also learn to win over their weaknesses.

The dynamic activities will include debates, presentations, self-exploration, games and visual representation.

Course Overview

The course will run for six weeks and each session is for two-hour consisting of an hour of constructive discussion and an hour of project-based learning. For this course, children will be working on a project to ‘Launch a new flavour for the milkshake’ for  COSTA COFFEE. The end presentation will be attended by parents and external jury comprising of Costa manager.

Week 1-  The power of mind and the science behind our habits. 

Week 2- How to set small goals and learn steps that help prepare to achieve big goals.

Week 3- Right questions matter and explore the inquisitive side of the brain to think out of the box.

Week 4-  Analyse and introspect priorities and decisions to improvise the outcome. 

Week 5- Expression of thoughts and work with confidence.

Week 6-  Presentation of  work 

Course will be led by – Ranjani Mitra

Ranjani Mitra has been a teacher for 25 years and has been in learning programmes with students ranging from age 6 to 60 years old. She is a post graduate in MBA and is a trained teacher from IGNOU, CIE and EDEXCEL. She has a vast experience of teaching various subjects to counselling students to achieve their potential in various school in India including Riverside School, Ahmedabad, India and in the American International School, Dhaka. She has been the Academic Head of an International School in India and has trained teachers apart from creating curriculum plans under the CIE and EDEXCEL.

All her work with children has given her the insight to help them to with their academic career and also connect with their innate intelligence to prepare them for life.

Up coming Courses

Harrow– Starting on 23th Sep

Duration – Six Weeks

Dates–  23rd Sep, 30th Sep, 7th Oct, 14th Oct, 4th Nov, 11th Nov

Timing: 10:30pm -12:30pm

Cost: £185, inclusive of course material.

Venue:  Harrow High School,Gayton Road, Harrow HA1 2JG

High Wycombe – Starting on 20th Sep

Dates–  2oth Sep, 27th Sep, 4th Oct, 11th Oct, Nov, 8th Nov

Timing: 4:30pm -6:30pm

Cost: £185, inclusive of course material.

Venue: Cressex School, High Wycombe

Please mention the desirable location when you make the payment.

Young Achievers Programme In Action

This is really one of the unique programmes which we never found anywhere else. Kudos to the whole team

Sanjeev KothariParent

Really loved this unique programme and the milkshake flavours that children came up with. Keep it up and would definitely like my children to be part of new exciting projects.

Sadiq KhanParent