Eleven Plus  3-day intensive course


Eleven Plus holiday course is suitable for pupils sitting the Eleven Plus as well as entrance exams for independent schools. This course is designed to help children understand and enhance their comprehension, and  vocabulary skills. Children learn how to analyse an extract for the comprehension task, write imaginatively and learn vocabulary in engaging ways. This course is designed and structured in a way that kindles awareness for new words. As Vocabulary plays an important part in acquiring comprehension and composition skills so our workshop is designed and structured in a way that during the first half we kindle awareness for new words. We use pioneering methods to draw children’s attention and generate interest in words through playing word games, Wordoodle, and role plays.  We encourage children to think of something that they can relate a new word to and it helps them to store the new word in their long-term memory. This technique raises word consciousness and helps children to memorise the word.The objective of this workshop is to foster lifelong love and passion for new words in children and motivate them to build a powerful vocabulary so they never get short of words to express their thoughts effectively.

During the second half, we introduce decoding strategies to build up comprehension skills that enable them to understand any given extracts easily and answer challenging questions confidently.

What’s covered?

A-I-M FabVocab Vocabulary and comprehension skills enhancing course covers key elements needed for 11 plus preparation.

Day 1 – Word learning techniques

Day 2 – Tackling Comprehension

Day 3 – Applying techniques to learn new words 

Topics include:

Root words

Word history

Words with meaning and relevant sentence usage

Synonyms and antonyms

Unusual words

Prefixes and Suffixes

Commonly used words


Comprehension tasks

This 3-day course is very intensive and involves a great deal of dynamic learning.


The course is held in Harrow during Summer holidays.

Dates for your diary- 31st Jul, Ist Aug, 2nd Aug

Time: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Venue: Harrow High School

Cost: £95.00

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