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At author In Me, we understand that extensive vocabulary, positive values, and self-expression are important life skills for children. It is clear that all these skills can be developed during their early years. Expansive vocabulary bolsters children’s ability to express their ideas more logically and astutely and moral values empower them to take responsibility for their own learning. We believe that power of positive thinking and self-belief has a tremendous impact on the quality of a child’s life. It shapes the child into a confident individual and adult in coming years.
Our concept books, affirming cards, self-exploration workbook and book series are designed specifically to assist every child in expressing their thoughts in a positive way and aiding them to excel in these areas and enhance their personality as well as creativity.
Build Powerful Vocabulary with Wow Vocabulary Cards
A masterful command of words and the ability to select just the right ones to express a specific idea, for a particular audience is essential in crafting powerful and engaging writing. The repetition of the same words over and over again quickly bores people, while the skilled use of a wide array of them enables to draw people in and to portray their imagination vividly.Vocabulary cards provide a hassle-free and engaging way to learn some powerful words in a fun way. These cards provide a large number of words at children’s disposal to express their ideas and dissect and examine those of others.
It’s a compact pack of flash cards to delve into the depths of a spectacular vocabulary. To ease learning, we have created these cards to provide hassle-free and engaging way to learn some powerful words in a fun way. Each pack contains 100 double-sided, A6 sized flashcards with carefully chosen 1400 powerful words. Words are explained by its definition, part of speech, along with three synonyms and three antonyms and an example sentence. It also includes a thesaurus to replace the most commonly used words, root words, homophones and some unusual words to impress. A child-friendly layout and colourful design of these cards make them easy to use at home or on the go.
Cost 17.99 + £2.80 delivery charges
Learn to use the words in context with Vocabulary Enhancing workbook
This is an explicit A4 sized workbook containing simple techniques to facilitate learning new words. It introduces 8 different activities to target various categories of words such as homophones, similes, some unusual words and much more. Give your children a chance to master and augment their vocabulary with this unique workbook.
Cost 15.00 + £2.80 delivery charges

Help your children to discover the very best of themselves with Value based affirmation cards
These cards are designed to equip children with reflective and aspirational attributes and attitudes. Our aim is to empower children with the ability to think positively and embrace positive values.
A pack of 52 affirmation flash cards to reinforce the positive values and confidence in children. It is a powerful tool to encourage children to adopt positive thinking and self-belief in a playful way. These cards are designed to equip children with life skills so that they can learn to deal with every situation confidently.
Cost 15.00 + £2.80 delivery charges

Boost confidence in children with  Self- expression workbook
This unique workbook provides children with a medium to explore their choices and write a story about their world, within and around them. It is packed with various activities that help them to express and understand their strengths and fears. This workbook provides an excellent way to boost self-esteem and instil positive thinking in children. It also includes the literary advice to write poetry, diary entry, and letter writing.

Cost 10.00 + £2.80 delivery charges

Rekindle imagination and trigger thought process with Story writing workbook
A self-explanatory workbook for children covering the essential elements of story writing. It is a step by step guide to initiate the thinking process and kindle imagination.  The workbook includes mind map, story starters, word bank and many other useful techniques to create a captivating story. There are two themes to choose from Adventurous story writing and Mystery story writing. Each workbook provides an interesting plot to start the story.
Cost 10.00 + £2.80 delivery charges
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