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One Day Story Writing Workshop


Story Writing Workshop-Harrow 
Date- 21st July
Time-14:30 pm– 16:30 pm
Age- Suitable for 6- 9 year

Story Writing Workshop-High Wycombe
Date- 3rd August
Time-10:00 am– 1:00 pm
Age- Suitable for 6- 9 year

Please specify your preferred location when you book the workshop.

This workshop is designed to take a child on a creative journey from an idea to a personalised illustrated book. We use various techniques to spark imagination in children. With the aid of vision board, illustrations, character sheets and story maps, we teach children the elementary skills required to create a fascinating story. The prime objective of  this workshop is to stimulate creative thinking and improve their writing ability through a fun and entertaining way.

We also provide parents with an option to turn these stories in to personalised illustrative books