Creative Writing Subscription Pack- Six Months ( Available for KS1 and KS2)



  • Ideal for KS2 and 11 plus preparation
  • Age group 7-11 year
  • PDF Format
  • Delivered via email
  • Also available for KS1

This activity pack contains engaging activities and rich vocabulary targeted for KS1, KS2 and 11 PLUS preparation. This pack contains six volumes.
Each pack comes with relevant words and targeted activities to create a captivating fictional piece of writing.

Volume 1 – Character Creation
Volume 2 – Vivid Settings
Volume 3 – Beginning a story
Volume 4 – Middle
Volume 5 – Ending
Volume 6 – Editing and proofreading

The pack includes following word groups and supporting activities to enhance children’s writing ability:

1. Synonyms
2. Antonyms
3. Part of speech
4. Homophones
5. Similes and Metaphors
6. Overused words
7. Root words
8. Compound words
9. Personifications
10.  Onomatopoeias

The pack is priced at £30.00 to subscribe for six months. On the 7th day of the month, each volume will be delivered to your preferred email Id. The content of this pack varies for KS 1 and Ks2 so Please specify if you are interested in  KS1 or KS2 Pack when placing an order.


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