Young Achievers Programme

Young Achievers Programme

Intuition is a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional wisdom that guides us to our highest level of evolutionary possibility.Children are naturally intuitive and perceptive. Since young age, we start molding them to comply with the education system but in doing so we are also restricting their natural pattern of mental growth which includes having wisdom beyond their years, sensing the connectedness of all things, or knowing things in ways that may seem impossible. Academic growth is essential for career development but a 360° holistic approach requires a parallel focus on self-development. In an age where bullying, social media and cultural adaptability has put undue pressure on young minds, it’s pivotal that they should learn the key life skills of higher self-belief, deeper awareness and effective interpersonal skills. A positive outlook towards self and others will directly result in a more fulfilled academic growth as well. Education, parenting and psychology professionals recognize that children have multiple intelligence, and intuitive intelligence is the new kid on the block. Through this programme, we aim to guide children to tap into their inner unique self and channelize the abundant inner energy and intuition in a constructive manner of self-expression.The dynamic activities will include debate, presentation, self-exploration, games and visual representation.


What's the Outcome?

Stronger leadership skills

Higher confidence and self-esteem

Stronger self-belief

Inherent drive for deeper exploration

Entrepreneurial skill enhancement

Influential and confident orators

Deeper empathy and stronger interpersonal skills

Deeper insight about self-strength and weakness

Positive outlook towards life

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