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Upcoming Workshop

Feb 15th
10:00 am– 1:00 pm Age 8-10
Comprehension and Vocabulary Skills - Harrow
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April 5th
10:00 am– 13:00 pm 5- 9 years
My World - High Wycombe
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April 6th
10:00 am– 13:00 pm 5- 9 years
Story Writing - High Wycombe
£45.00Enrol Now

Creative Expressions Workshop (5-8 Years)

Our unique workshops are designed to educate, enrich and empower the children. Every child is unique and through our workshops, we aim to nourish and value the feeling of self-love and confidence in children so they may take pride in their uniqueness.
We conduct workshops on monthly basis and each month we choose a theme to write a story.

We believe that every human emotion can be expressed freely if it’s given the safe environment and space. Sometimes children struggle to express their creativity, explore their talents and go beyond the dos and don’ts because they have simply not learned to work without instructions. We believe that every child’s story is an expression of their deeper thought and to further help boost their confidence, we will turn their story into personalised book with illustrations! Imagine the joy of seeing their thoughts in the form of a book. The books are designed, illustrated and published by Author in me.

Types Of Workshops

Story Writing

Make this Easter memorable for your children.

This festive season, children are invited to create their own Easter story and fill it with their imagination. They are free to create characters that are unique, funny, scary, or brave- the choice is all theirs. It’s their chance to astonish everyone by weaving a captivating story with Author In me and their story will be illustrated into a personalised book, It can be a perfect Easter gift for your child and a wonderful way to inspire the young author within them.

This 3hour workshop is a unique, educational and packed with fun. It is suitable for children aged 5-9-year-old.

Empower – Self-Expression Workshop – My World

A pioneering workshop for children where they explore their strengths and weakness, win over their fears and discover their hidden talents. During the workshop, children participate in various group exercises that do not only assist them in exploring their strengths and challenges but also teach them to embrace a positive attitude in their daily routine. We use affirmation cards to reinforce positivity and help them become positive thinkers.

The objective of this workshop is to inspire children to take pride in their UNIQUENESS, explore their inner strengths, admire little things happening in their life, learn from others, encourage resilience, foster gratitude and aspire them to accomplish their dreams to lead a successful life.

Each workshop is for 2 hours. The first half is interactive, stimulating and enriching while the second half is reflective, thoughtful and expressive.

Comprehension and vocabulary for 8-10-year-old
An intensive 3-hour workshop during half term to develop child’s comprehension and vocabulary skills in order to undertake academic assignments successfully and prepare for 11 PLUS.
  • understand the techniques of dealing with comprehension
  • Learn new words
  • Learn unique methods of grasping the word meaning.

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