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At Author In Me, we transform young budding authors’ imaginations into beautifully illustrated books.We provide them the opportunity to showcase their masterpiece globally by publishing it electronically and in print.  Some of these young minds have chosen to sell their books to raise money for their favourite charities to make a difference in others lives. This page is dedicated to all those children who did not let their age deter them from their commitment to help make a difference.

Mahika Soin - Age 8

Supporting Charity- Shooting Stars

A little of her story
Mahika has always had a very good imagination. Her love for reading and listening to stories at bedtime encouraged her to write these short stories.
Mahika is very kind hearted and has a great understanding of the real world. They as a family, have always donated to charities both in India and in the UK. Her last visit to an orphange in India made her realise how fortunate and blessed she is and since then, has always wanted to do something for the underprivileged.
She decided to use her book to raise money for a charity called “shooting star chase “ and believes that this is her way of helping and giving to our local
She also wants to be able to read her own stories to her little twin sisters when they are a bit older.
“Mahikas short stories” has been an amazing journey and she has learnt a lot from the whole experience.
The appreciation she has received from the school and others around her has further enhanced her confidence and given her the motivation to write more.
Mahika’s short stories have received a tremendous response. Illustrated and published by Author In Me , this beautiful book has collection of short stories written by 8-year old, Mahika. Remember, every purchase on kindle raises money for @SSChospices.

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Zahra Rubani - Age 8

Supporting Charity- Great Ormond Street Hospital

A little of her story

Zahra’s Journey towards creative writing initially was a mean of self expression during a very difficult time. When she was 5, her baby sister Sophia was diagnosed with heart failure at only 10 weeks old. From this point onwards Zahra has witnessed Sophia’s journey from cardiac intensive care to multiple admissions at hospital for nearly 3 years.

During this time often when Zahra had difficulty expressing herself verbally, she would utilise writing as a tool to explore her feelings for her sibling’s diagnosis of a life threatening illness and especially the impact it had on herself during periods of mum’s absence attending prolonged hospital admissions and uncertainty whether Sophia would survive or not, and of course the subsequent disruptions to her daily routines, after school activities and holiday plans
In the past Zahra has been fortunate to have travelled to Egypt, Morocco and a few other countries where she has seen children who are less fortunate growing up in poverty, having limited access to health care and education. Zahra would insist on sharing everything she had on her from sweets, pocket money, clothes and her favourite Dora backpack with the children she met. Often she wonders how she can help sick children with heart conditions all over the world and sincerely appreciates the amazing medical care and support Sophia is blessed to access around the clock.

A note from Zahra’s mum - Enrolling Zahra on the Author in Me creative writing course has been priceless, we, as a family, feel this has been a long term investment in building her future. It has enabled Zahra to strengthen her confidence, communication and persuasion skills through the various styles of writing and the use of new and exciting vocabulary. Zahra is so happy with her book Sapphire star’s adventures and is determined to write a whole collection.
We are so proud of her achievement and would like to thank Ekta, Monica and Alice for turning our daughter into a little Author for life, and also giving Zahra an opportunity to raise money for Great Ormond St Hospital For Sick Children by purchasing her book via kindle..
Sophia, Zahra’s younger sister, has been on the waiting list for a heart transplant since December last yr, and it has been Zahra’s idea to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital through her book with the support of the team at Author in Me to show her appreciation for GOSH for the incredible care they provide to every child that comes through their door.

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