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What does your child say in his/her mind?

Have you ever wondered what goes on in that little mind as it gradually tries to comprehend life and its meaning? How does your child self-talk? Is it excited, nervous or fearful? What are those words that you can’t hear?

When my daughter was a baby, I often wondered what she thinks in her mind. As she started growing and learnt that life can sometimes be unfair and she has to go to playschool or share that toy, that thought got deeper and stronger in my mind. I may not be around her all the time so what do I want her to tell herself when she is on her own. I came up with the basic stuff life

I am special
I love to share
I am brave

I scribbled and wrote these lines on a coloured A6 paper and started reading them to her during mealtimes, driving etc until she recognised the cards by its colour or just because she had heard the words repeatedly.

The amazing thing is that one day when I saw her playing with another child in the park, she repeated these words to herself; I love to share. She was happily willing to share her teddy with the other child! I then realised the magic of positive self-talk and understood the need to introduce it at an early age. I know that we as parent talk positively to our kids most of the time but eventually the earlier they embed this habit of self-inspiring, the quicker they will learn to stay motivated and face the challenges of life easily.

Years after, now my daughter is a confident 11-year-old who is mature, fun and wise. I have seen her face failures with wisdom and come up as winner in tough times.

Now, via Author In Me, I have got a chance to share these affirmation cards with other parents. I have of course redesigned them and from scribbles on a cardboard paper, they are now laminated and easy to use cards.

How to use affirmation cards with children:

• Start early! I started when my daughter was just 10 months old.
• Use them daily with your child.
• Pick three or five cards a week and put the rest in the pack.
• Let them touch the card and say the words after you
• Keep the cards in their reach so they may use them independently
• Make it fun. Keep reminding the words by singing out to them or while just having a play at park.

We, as parents focus so much on academics that we sometimes forget that cultivating and teaching life skills is an equally important thing to teach a child. This is the skill that does not come with qualification but the outcomes define how the child will cope up to the changing situations in life. Kids will grow into mature and wiser adults, who appreciate life and understand that not every failure is end and not every battle is worth fighting for. They will learn to choose their battles well and be more emotionally balanced individuals.

There are 30 laminated cards in a pack with unique self inspiring messages.  We have affirmation cards for teenagers and adults as well. Please email for any query.

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Ekta Bajaj
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