A poem for love

In the times of lack of love, why do we breed hate?
What makes us scream and shout?
What makes us close our gates?
Who are we?
Just humans I say.
Sleeping in night, not sure if we will see light of the day.

Who are we I ask?
To teach our children fear.
To make memories bitter and sour.
Of a world that’s not our permanent stay.
What are countries I wonder?
A boundary of land or heart.
Ignorant is human or a puppet
Dancing blindly to music from a vicious harp.

Where are we going, I think?
Towards inner light they say,
Surrounded by unfathomable pain,
Can peace ever make its way?
Tell me a place that promises a safe life.
Take me where happiness resides.
Show me a land that nurtures amity,
Where colour and race are not a crime to be guilty.

Who are we, I ask again.
Structure made of just flesh and bone.
Is there not something that is common in us?
Our pain, our joy and our soul.
How can we forget that we all die?
We demand the truth yet in our heart we all lie.

What is the end, I fear?
Can hope live or its end is near?
Shall I dream or cease the stars in my mind?
Tell me world, was this the art we nurtured with passion?
How can love breed, amidst lack of compassion?
Who is fighting this battle? I scream.
Who is winning? You, me or our broken dream.
Open your eyes, the one that witnesses your soul,
How can we breed hate?
When only love can make us whole.

Candid thoughts by