We have recently designed and published a very special book, written by a mother to empower her daughter in a unique way. Cecile’s daughter was born with a genetic disorder known as Microphthalmia and Coloboma.

It is a disorder in which one or both eyes are abnormally small, these rare disorders develop during pregnancy and can be associated with other birth defects. These conditions are likely to be caused by a disruption in the way the eye develops in the baby during early pregnancy.  This can be due to an alteration in an important gene for eye development, environmental factors – such as drugs or infection in pregnancy – or a combination of these things. Sometimes the cause in an individual patient cannot be determined.
The disappointing part is that there is no treatment for severe microphthalmia that will create a new eye or restore vision. However, some less severe forms of microphthalmia may benefit from medical or surgical treatments. But the good news is that in almost all cases, improvements to a child’s appearance are possible. Children can be fitted for a prosthetic (artificial) eye for cosmetic purposes and to promote socket growth. The treatment can last for few years and can be very daunting for children. When they start school, It becomes extremely challenging for them to understand why are they treated differently. They even are bullied because of their appearance.  It can be devastating for the child and parents both. This emotional journey is often fought alone and mostly misjudged.
Cecile is a women who as a mother faced the same challenge with her daughter. Desperate to make her child understand and embrace the situation, she made a PowerPoint presentation with text and pictures of her daughter. Through this, she explained her daughter how to tell others about this unique condition in the most simplest manner. This powerful exercise helped Cecile’s daughter to gain more confidence within her. At Author In Me, we have given the same presentation a design and presented it as a book with some eye catching illustrations.  This book has helped her daughter to be a resilient young girl, share her feelings with her peers and increased her confidence tremendously. We, along with Cecile hope that many others will be benefited by the book, I AM NOT AN ALIEN
The book has received an unprecedented response. She has been invited on BBC radio to share her experiences and talk about the book on 16th of March. The book is available to buy on Amazon Kindle store.
If you know of any parent who is going through a similar emotional turbulence, then please do share Cecile’s amazing way of empowering her daughter in a form of a book written on her life.
The book has been designed and published by Author In Me Ltd. We are keen to offer young writers a platform to voice their story and also publish books written for special needs children.
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