Now we all agree that a book is a friend for life. How many of you have spent enjoyable lazy hours with a book; by the sea or the fireplace? How many times have you found the answers to a pestering question in a book? I can bet that these times are now a part of your most cherished memories.

Books have a way of touching our lives in the most incredible way. When I read a story, I often wonder about the thoughts that might have crossed in the authors’ mind while compiling it. About the experiences, he or she might have faced or about the lesson the author is trying to share. It’s amazing to see that we all go through similar emotional turbulences; irrespective of culture and race. This is the beauty of books. It connects you to the people across the globe in a truly magical way.

I believe that each one of us is carrying a story in our mind. We all are authors of our own story but unfortunately, not all stories find a place in books. People are limited by time or confidence which is so unfortunate as this means that the most wonderful stories sometimes just pass by; untold and unshared.

But we can change this for our children and show them that every story can find a place in the book. It doesn’t have to be a bestseller; it doesn’t have to connect with every human in the world. Maybe we can start by creating books that connect us with our family and most importantly; connects us with ourselves. Every child must be given a chance to explore their imagination and have the confidence to share it with the most trusted people in their world- family.

If your child has written a story, why not give that story a home in a book and share it with family this Christmas. Imagine sitting around the fireplace with your entire family and connecting with them in a way you have never connected before. Imagine the pride on the face of your child when he reads out his story from his book; loud and clear. The grandparents have received a copy and can’t stop complimenting the little masterpiece, aunts and uncles are raving about the budding star in the family and you as a parent are smiling proudly to have given not just your child the best Christmas gift but also given your family a chance to create lasting good memories.

Let Author In Me become a part of your cherished memories this Christmas. We turn stories, diaries, ideas and artwork to illustrated books. Email Last order date is 15th November.

Just another Mum

Co-Founder, Author In Me