Who are we

Author In Me Ltd is a registered company in UK. Our aim is to breed little authors, promote overall personal development and build confidence among children through the medium of story writing, vocabulary enhancing, value-based learning, and self-publishing.


To accomplish our mission, we have offered theme based workshops at affordable prices and launched a range of pioneering products to

  • Encourage Imagination
  • Empower self-belief
  • Enrich positive values
  • Gradually and naturally enhance vocabulary

The Beginning

Author In Me is the brainchild of two enthusiastic mums and friends, Monica and Ekta. We conceptualised many ideas during our coffee meet ups, long drives and brainstorming sessions but truly the voila moment came suddenly in 2015 after we realised that what we both really wanted was actually quite simple. The thought that ultimately initiated this business was to see a sparkle in the eyes of children by reassuring them that their imagination is special and unique. We realised that the joy of learning and pride of seeing the imagination can come alive together by turning their written stories into a personalised book.

First Few Steps

Our first few projects were to turn stories to books for children. As a matter of fact, the first book that we designed was for Monica’s 7 year old daughter. Not only was she proud and elated to see her work but amazingly, she penned down 3 more stories in no time! The enthusiasm to express her ideas came willingly and joyfully. Her book received a tremendous applause from school and we were soon on a news article in Bucks Free Press.

Some parents gave us a feedback that their children were not willing to write a story at home.


This led us to conceptualize our STORY WRITING WORKSHOPS for 7-11-year-olds. We designed
self-explanatory workbooks and started conducting workshops to encourage children to unleash their imagination. The response has been overwhelming! We started author led masterclasses for children to help them learn from the experts of writing fields at affordable prices.

Our aim is to reach every budding author around the globe and provide them an opportunity to shine and achieve their full potential.

Our Journey so far

Starting with just a group of 5 children, the concept has now spread far and wide. Today, Author In Me conducts one-day workshops and 12 weeks courses in Creative writing and Vocabulary. A-I-M has also launched a unique 6 weeks course called the ‘Young Achievers Programme using Innate intelligence’. Led by Ranjani Mitra, this unique course will focus on self-development, self-analysis, self-empowerment, entrepreneurial skills, presentation, confidence building and public speaking.

Author In Me has spread their wings from High Wycombe to Watford, Harrow, Slough, Reading, Sutton and Amersham. This was achieved through their well thought parent-to-parent networking scheme. This simply means that if a parent can arrange a minimum group of 12 children in their local area, Author In Me organises a course nearer to them and the parent who has taken the initiative gets either a free space for their child or generous commission. This is perfect for mums who would like to earn a bit extra while staying home!

What makes us stand out is that we take every child on a unique creative journey right from the first idea to a complete published book. This is achieved by turning the story written by a child during the course into a book. The whole process gives the child a sense of achievement as the final product is tangible and ingenious. Till date, we have inspired nearly 700 children to write a story that has been transformed and published into a book. Our course has been reviewed as the ‘Best Creative Writing Course for children’ by a nationwide organisation, Local Mums Online.

Our long-term vision is to inspire young minds to recognize their own unique talent and use Innate Intelligence to find the inner strength. They should be able to express their thoughts coherently and have the confidence to use the power of words effectively.

Our Presence in Media

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