Creative Intelligence

Creative Writing Course led by Published Author

The objective of this course is to acquaint children with various techniques required to express imagination and enhance the ability to shape their thoughts in a cohesive and articulate manner. This course equips children to develop creativity, imagination, self-belief, critical thinking and editing skills which are important across the curriculum from language and social studies to science and public speaking.

We acknowledge that expressing imagination on the page, in a vivid manner, requires right techniques and great knowledge of descriptive vocabulary. This course covers all the important aspects of creative writing such as writing styles, planning, expression of thoughts, vocabulary, descriptive language and proofreading.We bring renowned authors and young budding writers under one roof to facilitate the art of writing under the guidance of experts.We believe that art of creative writing does not only improve academic excellence but also boosts overall personal and creative development in children.

What’s achieved


Children will:

Develop their creativity as well as their thought processing skills, allowing them to think outside the box and push their ideas

Effectively write a piece of fiction and non-fiction

Understand the impact of literary techniques

Learn to engage with their work both creatively and critically

Augment vocabulary and academic excellence

Develop stronger self-belief

Enhance analytical and logical thinking

Provide feedback to their peers positively

Improve Social Skills

Enjoy the process of learning

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