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Author In Me – AIM is a company known for its creative writing workshops, courses, concepts and products aimed for KS1 and KS2. We encourage organic education for children aged 7-14 years old in creative writing, vocabulary, well-being and entrepreneurship. Our focus remains to develop a child’s creative, analytical and innate intelligence by giving them a chance to learn from the experts in each field. We have a panel of award-winning authors, thinkers and leaders who conduct our courses throughout the UK.

We endeavour to adapt age old learning methods from all cultures into present learning methodology. Our ancestors had an insight to view learning with a holistic approach; inclusive of life skills, values and methods that facilitated memory retention. These techniques had derived from knowledge and innate wisdom which unfortunately faded under the veils of modernisation. Our team is striving to put the pieces together by constantly researching those methods, customising them with current educational system and making them accessible to the future generation.We do not aim to challenge school education; rather our methods are derived from a parallel stream of learning that enhances multiple intelligence, concentration and focus.

All our courses are conducted in a small group and are expert and author led, which implies that children can assimilate lessons in the most organic way.Our courses are student-oriented rather than system driven. Every child is given the space to kindle their imagination in their own unique way and generate their own logic and perception about the content discussed with them. We share the common learning techniques but all students have the freedom to create and write their own story.

A-I-M Courses

Develop your child's creative, academic and intuitive intelligence with A-I-M Courses.

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Book Publishing For Children

Send their stories today and give them an opportunity to share it with everyone in the form of a book ! .

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We offer a range of educational tools to facilitate learning.

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What's On

19th Feb 19
10:30 am– 1:30 pm 5- 9 yrs
Story Writing - High Wycombe
£45.00Enrol Now
20th Feb 19
10:30 am– 1:30 pm 5-9 Years
My World - High Wycombe
9th April 19 -12th April 19
10:00 am– 12:00 pm 8-10 Years
3 day workshop - Woking
£95.00Enrol Now
20th Jan 19 - 21st Jul 19
10:30 pm– 12:30 pm 7+
One year creative writing Programme- Harrow
£125.00 per monthEnrol Now
23rd Sep 19 - 11th Nov 19
10:30 pm– 12:30 pm 11- 14 years
Young Achievers Programme- Harrow
£185.00 Enrol Now
25th Jan- 18th Jul
4:30 pm– 6:30 pm 7+
One Year Creative Writing Programme
£125.00 per monthEnrol Now
20th Sep 19- 8th Nov 19
4:30 pm– 6:30 pm 11- 14 years
Young Achievers Programme
£185.00Enrol Now


Reva, my 5yr old, attended the creative story writing session this weekend and was absolutely thrilled!! She loved “creating” her own story and we were pleasantly surprised by her writing skills. They certainly bring out the best in your child! Thank you so much.

Geetali Khatri★★★★★

My daughter absolutely loved her day at the workshop! The relaxed atmosphere helped her create a wonderful story that was exciting and charming. She didn’t know how many hours had passed, only that she’d written a lovely story, made friends, had a laugh and really enjoyed her time

Carolyn van Vlijmen★★★★★

My daughter has attended 2 of these amazing workshops. It’s a great forum for children to practice their story writing and to be able to express their ideas in a fun, relaxed but educational way.

Susie Binks★★★★★